Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Return of Full Canvassing

"Full canvassing is back in fashion again," proclaimed a cutter to my sifu.

This cutter had just entered the workshop. He is in his late fourties. The remarkable thing about him is that he is dressed like in the 80s. He wore obviously bespoke stuff, but the look was decidedly vintage. He even sported a moustache.

"Ah Wing has reason to come back now," he continued.

"Aiyah, Ah Wing is having the time of his life lah," said my sifu. "The guy is raking it in in London."

"They're paying a lot for full canvassing now. It's not like in the old days," said the cutter. "I was just over at the workshop of [a well know tailoring shop with a shopfront on Jln Maarof] and they have one there for the past 3 months and it's still not done, hahaha. Oh BTW, there is even demand for hand-made trousers now. They go for RMXXX. For trousers! [A well known tailoring shop in a very large shopping mall in Bandar Utama] charges that much for them."

"Sounds stupid to make trousers by hand," remarked my sifu.

"It's just the visible areas. Mostly decorative. The long seams and covered areas are still by machine," said the cutter.

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